Clinical Research Without Overhead 

Increase your revenue stream by incorporating clinical research into your practice

Do you treat patients suffering from Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis? They might benefit from an investigational treatment.

For a limited time we are accepting new healthcare providers into our network.



What to expect from clinical research as a healthcare professional

As a healthcare professional, how much money can I make in clinical research?

It varies from trial to trial, but it is a significant source of revenue with very little effort on your part. For details about compensation, click the Request More Information button and we will be in touch.  

Does it require any kind of investment on my part to get started?

Nope. We take care of all overhead cost and operational burdens so you can simply focus on the medical side. We provide trained staff and other resources at no cost to you.

I do not have much time as it is now. How much time and effort is expected of me?

We simplify the process and make it easy for you and your practice. Simply leverage our resources and staff to reduce your work and eliminate unnecessary burden.

Our Process 

Match your current patients with the trial that might provide the most benefit based on your medical experience 


Using the study protocol, look into your patient population for potential candidates matching the inclusion criteria. 


We take care of contacting the patient and scheduling appointments on your behalf. Our medical team will provide the patient with all information available for the study to help them make a decision.


If the patient agrees to participate, our team will take care of the screening and enrollment process, along with tracking the patient progress in the trial and providing you with updates. 

About Us

Wellness Clinical Research is a multi-site research center. We conduct clinical trials in a vast variety of indications. However, we specialize in gastroenterology clinical research.  

We are located in South Florida, Central Florida and Puerto Rico. Our goal is to expand our reach even further and allow healthcare professionals from all over to join our network and create a revenue stream for their practice.  

Our team is highly experienced in clinical research and trained to deliver excellent service to pharmaceutical sponsors. We work with large pharmaceutical sponsors in the development of new medications and treatments.  

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For a limited time we are accepting new healthcare providers into our network. Learn more about the benefits.